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November 13, 2017

It was seven years ago in January. I remember sitting in the audience, watching Rebecca and John being united for life. It was a momentous occasion – not only for them, but for me. It was the first wedding I’d ever been to.

I don’t remember too much about their wedding because I was just a kid, and kids don’t notice the details, but I do remember one thing. They loved each other. And they were excited to be married, and I was excited for them. I remember them leaving the church, and, instead of throwing rice, everyone blew bubbles. I thought it was magical, but it was beautiful and special too.

Rebecca and John are special people, because they’ve devoted their lives to public service and making our country a safe country to live in. They’re both in law enforcement and work tirelessly day after day, week after week on assignments that aren’t always the safest for them. They have important jobs and they don’t get a break very often.

It’s been three long years since Rebecca and John came to visit my family, and they came on their well-deserved vacation. We celebrated their visit with donuts, sushi, and a photoshoot. And they’ll always remember their trip here in the years to come, though they plan to come sooner than three years. And even though their coming here isn’t as memorable as getting married or going to Hawaii, they’ll be able to look back on these pictures and have a fun memory to relive.

John and Rebecca, thank you for letting me take these pictures of you two! I’m blessed to have cousins like you. Come back soon!


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