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November 30, 2017

In our library hangs a picture.  From 1970, a young man, the image of John F Kennedy, sits next to his young bride, a beauty in her wedding gown and bouffant hair.  This iconic photographic in black and white perfectly captures young love and a simpler time.

Fast forward nearly fifty years and this couple is still together, through thick and thin, through hardships and blessings.

When my great-aunt and uncle announced their upcoming visit, we decided to do a photoshoot.  Like many, they hadn’t had pictures in a long time!  Photographing them was so much fun as their mature love and respect transfers differently in the camera lens than young newlyweds.  Both radiate love, but a different kind.

My great-uncle is rather reserved, but I think the lens still captured his personality.  My great-aunt is always ready to give anything a try – she’s such a great sport! Somehow the photoshoot came upon us rather quickly, and they hadn’t brought everything with them that they would have liked for the shoot, but I think their casual sensibility seemed to radiate their actual relationship — comfortable and relaxed.

Aunt Robin and Uncle Ray, thank you for allowing me to document your love for each other! Here’s to many more years together. I love you both!


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