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August 9, 2018

Hannah is a good friend of mine, and guess what – she’s also a photographer! The funny thing is, we both became friends years ago, before either of us were interested in photography. Then, at around the same time, we both launched our businesses! Hannah invited me out to coffee for my birthday last week, and I very much enjoyed getting to visit with her and talk shop. 😉After coffee, we walked around downtown Hendersonville to get some shots of each other. I simply adore Hendersonville – it has such an old-school, Americana charm. A bit of Asheville has spilled over and influenced it, though, because there were a few interesting people out. XD But we had fun finding murals,  climbing up brick walls and oh yeah, completely missing the coffee shop by about 600 feet and having to walk back directed by Siri. XD Hannah, my friend, you’re so pretty, and it was so much fun taking your pictures! Thanks for putting up with my faces when you tried to take mine, and heh heh, just putting up with me in general. XD Y’all, enjoy some of my favorite pictures below, and hold tight, I’ll post the pictures of me soon!

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