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November 18, 2018

Today my great-grandmother turns 90! We celebrated her birthday last week with a party my mom and I had planned for many weeks in advance. We spent so much time and effort in making a special party for her and she loved it. In fact, she cried the first half hour! I’m so excited to show y’all the pictures – it was really lovely, and I think we all have a special memory of Grandma and her 90th birthday party.

I think everything I’d like to say about Grandma is summed up in this letter I wrote to her.

Dear Grandma,

Today we are celebrating ninety years of your life – nine decades of a beautiful life orchestrated by God. You may not remember all of your life – the hardships and the suffering, the joy and the love – but I will; I’ll remember for you. I haven’t been here for much more than a fifth of your life, but I remember because your children have. Because your grandchildren have. I remember the onion sandwiches, and your singing with your brother Harry, and your marrying a young soldier fresh out of the Second World War. I remember your daughters, and your working in the bank, and the hat you wore to Aunt Robin’s wedding that looked like a shower cap. But most of all, I remember visiting you in Hayesville, and the visits you and Pop made to us. I remember the dishes you taught your daughter to make, who taught her daughter to make, who… might reluctantly hand the kitchen over to me to make one of these days. And I remember you folding laundry. You’ve served your family all your life, and you still are – even though you have a good excuse not to. And you’ve never stopped loving. I’ll never forget how happy you are to see me – or to see my mom, or to see my cousins. You ask me what I’m doing – and you don’t complain about your back or the sun or the noise around the corner.

So this is your life: a legacy of serving, with joy and with love. A legacy I will do my best to live up to, so that when I’m ninety, I’ll still be loving and serving too – just like you.

“Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us” – Ephesians 5:2

Enjoy my favorite pictures from the celebration below!


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