An Open Letter to My Mom

May 12, 2019

Dear Momma,

Someone once told me that he never realized growing up that his mom worked two jobs; she’d go to work and then come home, get dinner, do laundry, and clean. I didn’t realize it either, but you didn’t work two jobs.

It was more like six.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has worked quite as hard as you. Before you married Daddy, you had your own music studio and taught etiquette classes. After that, you tirelessly worked with him on the business. For years. You persevered through two difficult pregnancies, and after Junior was born, you went right back to work. You didn’t want to, but you did, learning all you could about billing so you could pay the huge electricity bill each month. Then you’d come home and get us dinner and we’d sit on the porch and wait for Daddy to come home, walking up the sidewalk. Junior would go running down to meet him and sometimes I would too. You guys would eat dinner in bed after we fell asleep because you were too tired to sit at a table.

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Day after day like this. For years.

Growing up, Muttie taught me history and geography, grammar. She coached me in music. What I learned from you, though, I didn’t learn until later.

Now that we’re all together, I think I’ve learned the biggest things from watching you. Perseverance. Faith, though you may feel it is small. Grit. And strength. Strength to put in all you’ve got until it gives back.

You were the one who encouraged me to start all those businesses. You stood beside me when they failed and told me this wasn’t the end. You were my “angel investor”.

You loved me through all the hardest times, showing me God’s love through yours.

Thank you. Thank you for teaching me, for loving me, for working hard so we could what have we have now. Togetherness.

I love you, Momma.

Happy Mother’s day.  


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