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May 23, 2019

Every time I photograph my cousins, they get a little easier. I get a few more smiles, more faces looking at the camera. Perhaps it’s because they’re getting older. Could be they’re getting used to me. Whatever it is, this is definitely our best shoot yet!

I’ve been taking pictures of this family for maybe five years – longer than I’ve been in business! I’m amazed my aunt even keeps the old pictures on account of how awful they are, but it’s cool to see how they and I have improved. And grown! Definitely grown. Over the past five years, they’ve grown from a family of seven to a family of ten.

My aunt is one of my biggest fans. She’s always excited to see my newest shoots, to hear about my plans for upcoming ones, and always explodes in exclamation points when complimenting my photos.

Over the years, it’s been a bit of a challenge to photograph so many people – not that they’re getting any smaller – but as the children get older, they get easier to photograph. And handsomer, considering her five boys. The eldest, in particular, are getting to be very nice looking boys. I’m proud to claim them as my cousins. Amidst the teasing and craziness that comes from being close family, I love them all very much.

I hope you all enjoy some of my favorites from their family shoot! On account of it being late and little ones being tired, we only had an hour, so I couldn’t get every shot I wanted…but I love the ones I did get.


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