Hoppe Family Photos 2019

December 20, 2019

This December was the last family vacation with just the four of us. I can’t believe it! Thinking about that is so strange…but so wonderful that next year we’ll be adding Andrew. Still, definitely something to process. We’ve not had our family pictures done in well over a year, and so with our last family vacay, I really wanted us to get our pictures done. I searched and searched for a photographer and ended up finding Natalie Broach! And WOW, y’all. So glad I picked her. <3

Natalie was downright amazing. It was hilarious to sit back and watch her pose exactly the same way I do! A lot of times when I watch photographers I think of the million things I would do differently but I was able to totally relax and let Natalie do her thing!

My little brother is growing up so fast and I have a feeling by the wedding he’ll be even taller. He already is making my mom look tiny! I am so, so thankful we have these precious pictures and memories, and I hope y’all enjoy a few of my favorites. Shout-out to Natalie – if you’re in Jacksonville, FL and need pictures, give her a call!


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