Behind the Scenes 2019

December 29, 2019

Running your own business is a serious thing. However, I’m a firm believer in not taking yourself too seriously. One of my favorite things is looking at all the behind-the-scenes shots I have a t the end of the year. Sometimes I manage to be really awkward! If you think life as a photographer is all pretty Insta shots, think again and get ready for some laughs!

This was pre-planned. Must’ve been. 

Rock on, y’all!

If you’re an #alpsenior, you’ll get first dibs on the umbrella. I promise. 

If you’re wearing blue, there’s a very high chance that I’ll be matching you. 😉

Oh yeah – did I mention I’m a certified stalker?

Flexibility exercises? Not today!

This is the “Aria just told a really lame joke” face. Most adults are polite enough not to show it, but the kids…that’s a different story.

HOWEVER. If you don’t laugh at my jokes, I’ll probably crack myself up over them anyway.

Every #alpbride requests this shot to hang on her wall.

I really do love what I do. Nothing beats sneaking a motorcycle into the Botanical Gardens. It’s camouflaged, right?

However, nothing tops this feeling!

What a year. I shot in awesome locations, worked with amazing people, and made others happy by doing what I loved. It was a great year! 

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