Samantha | Destination Mountain Adventure Portraits

December 16, 2020

Sam is a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for several years and she was also one of my bridesmaids! Needless to say we have a history of a wonderful friendship and also – many photoshoots together. You may remember her portraits from last year and before that her senior pics in 2017! Sam has traveled the world and is currently working as a phlebotomist (go healthcare workers!!). AND she lives literally 10 minutes away from my parents, where I used to live! I’m so jealous and wish she’d move out to MO. *hint hint, Sam* 😂😘

Anyway, for her birthday, I decided to give her a photoshoot because Sam is 1) a beautiful model and 2) has the time of her life modeling even when I’m in a mood because I’m cold and worrying about technical photographer things (we’ll forget about that part). Plus every girl needs new pictures, amiright? Unfortunately her birthday was in June and of course we were separated by hundreds of miles so we just decided to do her shoot over Thanksgiving. And we did! We hiked up Black Balsam in NC and it was absolutely breathtaking. Thanks, Sam, for suggesting the location!

Enjoy a few of my favorites below!!

  1. Brooklyne says:

    Aw, these are SO pretty!! Srsly, that third from last could totally be a book cover! 😉


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