Behind the Scenes: 2020

January 13, 2021

With both Andrew and I taking pictures on wedding days and at shoots, we end up with a lot of pictures we have to cull. One of my favorite things about culling is seeing all the behind-the-scenes pictures. It’s so much fun to chuckle over our facial expressions when we’re oblivious to the camera, or our hand motions or posture. I did a BTS post last year and it was a hit, so, once again, here are the awkwardness highlights of 2020.

Sometimes, the fact that I have to wait until AFTER the shoot for ice cream really gets to me.

Once I start shooting, though, I generally perk right up!

Instructions aren’t complete without hand motions.

“Okay guys, this is how you do a duck face…”

“Simon says touch your nose.”

Wedding day stress can get to anyone. We try to keep pretty cool, but Andrew’s beard turned grey for this one.

Aria sometimes makes sneak attacks on misplaced veils…

When we say we dress to impress…we mean it!

Did we mention Aria loves being in photos as much as she loves taking them?

Andrew likes it too, but…

Aria’s always ready to model.

Our goal is to never let our face be seen.

So that our couples can ignore us easily, just like Jordan and Dylan did here.

If you see a dark shadow, it might be one of us.

Do you think anyone will notice if I just…

At the end of the day, photography can be exhausting.

But we love it. Sappy smiles from Aria are included in the contract.

Especially moments like this.

Aria gets so excited at weddings she might even grab a random guest and start swing dancing!

Okay, generally she just does it after the party’s over, if her best friend is one of the guests.

2020 was a great year. We shot in 4 different states, met some awesome couples, braved a hurricane, mountains, COVID, and learned how to work together. On top of that, we had a blast. Thanks to all that make it possible to love what we do!


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