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October 20, 2021

Laura and Gary, where do I start with these two? Laura has been such a part of my photography journey! You may recognize their faces from their mini-mony last year. Laura booked me in October of 2019 for that wedding. I was 18, 2 years past high school, Andrew and I had been together for about 5 months, I had no car and was living with my parents, but I was ready to start booking weddings and make this photography thing a career. She was the first wedding I ever booked, and while she was not the first wedding I shot, I went into that phone call with all the confidence that even if it was the first wedding I would shoot by myself, I could do it. She booked me based off of pictures I had second-shot at a couple of weddings that summer, and all the knowledge I had from my photography training with Amy and Jordan. I was nervous, but I was ready to give this wedding thing a shot. Laura put so much trust into me and I knew that, and while it totally scared me that I was now in charge of this couple’s wedding photos, I. WAS. PSYCHED.

A month after Laura booked me, I got engaged, and suddenly the outlook of my future was different. You see, at this point Laura was living in Arkansas as she finished her PhD, I was living in North Carolina, and the wedding was supposed to be in North Carolina. But after I got engaged Andrew and I started planning our wedding for May we knew that I would be moving to to Missouri to live with him after the wedding. And then, in the next few months, Covid hit.

Covid hit, I got married and moved to Missouri, and Laura moved to Texas after she graduated. In May I had a very tiny wedding, and although we hoped things would die down in October for Laura’s wedding, she ended up having a very similar wedding as I. Her wedding changed to plan who knows what, but we stayed with her and in October we drove out from Missouri and she and Gary drove out from Texas, and they got married. On a mountain. In a hurricane. Success! They got married!

Fast forward a year and so many things have changed in my life, I am no longer a transplant trying to survive but thriving in this beautiful state called Missouri, and Laura and Gary celebrated their first anniversary with a beautiful vow renewal. Laura wore the dress she picked out three years ago (from the same bridal shop as mine!) and they got to celebrate with their friends and family with beautiful mountain views at a venue managed by the Southern Appalachian Conservancy. It was a beautiful, SUNNY day and could not have been more perfect. We were so happy to celebrate with them and document the completion of this “we’re trying to get married” saga, but a year of their life together as Mr. and Mrs.

Laura and Gary, you two are seriously the most adorable couple and it was so awesome to see you guys just as in love now as you were a year ago. Thanks for trusting us with your wedding photos before we were an us. We were honored to be there and document your vow renewal. We’re so excited for you guys and your future together!

After that very long post (mostly about myself, oops) HAVE SOME PHOTOS. These are just a few of the most beautiful day! 🙂


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