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aria & andrew

a few quick facts:

• I love a good steak with roasted vegetables.
• I’m slightly obsessed with personality typing.
• I’m neither a night owl or a morning person...I really just like sleep!
• BLUE. If you lose me in a store, look for something blue.


soft rock
tulle skirts

i'm all about...

this is aria

• I just like food in general…but you can keep the vegetables.
• I really don’t understand people who don’t know what benzalkonium chloride is.
• I'm notorious for blinking in photos. (It drives Aria nuts!)
• Who says chess isn't a sport?  

a few quick facts:



this is andrew

i'm all about...

together, we celebrate strong marriages.

Aria’s love for beauty and our focus on intentional relationships makes weddings our natural passion. Your wedding isn’t just about the florals and pictures, because it’s about highlighting your commitment to each other. We cherish strong marriages because we believe God designed marriage to be a strong union that persists throughout life. We believe your wedding isn’t just about walking down an aisle one day, but your lifetime of the sweetest commitment on earth.

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