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Y’all, how cute is this family! Oh my goodness, the Avery’s were so much fun. We had such a crazy and awesome shoot! Brooke got in touch with me a while back and we set up her shoot! I wasn’t available until the end of October so I was worried that the leaves would all […]

Y’all, just a warning you’re in for a LONG post! I couldn’t refrain from posting ALL of these pictures! Jade and Cory had such a beautiful, special day and that’s so evident in these. ❤ You may remember Jade and Cory from their one-of-a-kind engagement session on a mountain in the snow! I can’t believe […]

He was struck by her the first time he met her, that Spring of 2014. Here was a girl that was beautiful and smart, driven, and had a winning personality. The other thing she had? A boyfriend. Boyfriend aside, Gary and Laura became friends later that year, studying together in their Masters program. It was […]

Meet the Hull family! I had the pleasure of meeting them when I moved here to Missouri a few months ago. The Hulls go to our church and are a big part of our church family! Caleb leads youth group and plays the piano, but they’re also just always there. I think the girls are […]

On Saturday we got to witness and photograph Jordan and Dylan’s lovely mini-mony! It was such a sweet, special day and we’re so honored to have been there with them! J&D’s wedding was simple, but elegant, and absolutely perfect in every way. I think that, if anything, COVID has taught us that small, meaningful days […]

Bethany this, Bethany that. By the time I finally met Bethany at my best friend’s Zoom Bible study during quarantine, I felt like I already knew her. For the past two years since my bestie, Allison, had been going to ECC, their church, I’d heard Bethany’s name pop up time and time again. It appeared […]

Meet Jordan and Dylan! We got to meet them last week for the engagement photos before we shoot their wedding in a couple of weeks (it’s coming up so fast, y’all!) and had a great time! This sweet couple has been together for six (!!!) years and we’re so excited they’re getting married this year […]

This year is the first year it has been my privilege to take Lewis family pictures – my family’s pictures! I still think it’s pretty cool to have 2 families now, and to have added a nephew, brother-in-law and THREE sisters! Growing up, I always wanted sisters. Still can’t believe I got three. 🙂 Katie, […]

Meet Brenna and Alex! After I moved here to the St. Louis, I reached out in my AJ community (Amy and Jordan are my photography teachers 🙂 ) to see if there were any students in the area. And there were! And I’m so glad I did, because I got to meet Brenna. Brenna and […]

I literally have no words for our wedding day. I could write about anyone else’s wedding day, but mine? Nearly impossible. 🙂 However, I’ll try. Andrew and I – after being engaged for 6 months – finally got married at my parents’ home in Asheville, North Carolina. (Read our relationship story here!) It wasn’t as […]


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