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Meet Brenna and Alex! After I moved here to the St. Louis, I reached out in my AJ community (Amy and Jordan are my photography teachers 🙂 ) to see if there were any students in the area. And there were! And I’m so glad I did, because I got to meet Brenna. Brenna and […]

Y’all, I am so excited to share this lovely shoot today! I had so much fun with Matt and Morgan last Sunday at the Botanical Gardens, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look pretty cute together. 🙂 Matt and Morgan met a couple years ago on Tinder! Isn’t that so cool? They hit it […]

I’m not sure how I end up with so many sweet, fun couples. John and Jessica were certainly no exception! From the start, this couple was enthusiastic, adventuresome, joyful, and all-in-all, people you genuinely enjoy being with. John and Jessica are originally from Arizona where they met in MIDDLE SCHOOL! They were friends all through […]

Meet Hannah and Michael: possibly the cutest newlywed couple ever. My heart smiled when I heard their story – they met over fifteen years ago as kids in Hannah’s mom’s homeschool choir. “Even then, I noticed him,” said Hannah. They started dating when she was sixteen. A few years passed. Everyone held their breaths, waiting. […]

Two days after Valentine’s day, Jonathan – a young, struggling entrepreneur, flew in from metropolitan Calgary, Alberta to a small New England town. And why? To meet the girl who would one day become his wife. They had been “matched” through a ad in a Christian magazine. In two distinctly different (but cold!) parts of […]

In our library hangs a picture.  From 1970, a young man, the image of John F Kennedy, sits next to his young bride, a beauty in her wedding gown and bouffant hair.  This iconic photographic in black and white perfectly captures young love and a simpler time. Fast forward nearly fifty years and this couple […]

She closed her eyes and took his hand as he led her through the woods. The snow crunched under their feet as they walked together, and the wind whistled through the trees. They stopped, and he let go of her hand. He told her she could open her eyes; and when she did, he was […]

It was seven years ago in January. I remember sitting in the audience, watching Rebecca and John being united for life. It was a momentous occasion – not only for them, but for me. It was the first wedding I’d ever been to. I don’t remember too much about their wedding because I was just […]


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