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I first met Brittani fairly soon after moving to Missouri. Here I was – newly married, just moved to a state I’d never lived in, no friends, and transporting a business. During covid. Sound like a nightmare? One of my game plans for the transition in my business was to meet some St. Louis vendors […]

Y’all, how cute is this family! Oh my goodness, the Avery’s were so much fun. We had such a crazy and awesome shoot! Brooke got in touch with me a while back and we set up her shoot! I wasn’t available until the end of October so I was worried that the leaves would all […]

Meet the Hull family! I had the pleasure of meeting them when I moved here to Missouri a few months ago. The Hulls go to our church and are a big part of our church family! Caleb leads youth group and plays the piano, but they’re also just always there. I think the girls are […]

This year is the first year it has been my privilege to take Lewis family pictures – my family’s pictures! I still think it’s pretty cool to have 2 families now, and to have added a nephew, brother-in-law and THREE sisters! Growing up, I always wanted sisters. Still can’t believe I got three. 🙂 Katie, […]

This December was the last family vacation with just the four of us. I can’t believe it! Thinking about that is so strange…but so wonderful that next year we’ll be adding Andrew. Still, definitely something to process. We’ve not had our family pictures done in well over a year, and so with our last family […]

Y’all, meet Eric, Kristen, and Luna. Eric reached out back in September to see if we could get a family shoot scheduled, and so we did – but we got rained out. But we rolled with it. Once we finally met up at the Botanical Gardens last week, the leaves had started changing, and it […]

Every time I photograph my cousins, they get a little easier. I get a few more smiles, more faces looking at the camera. Perhaps it’s because they’re getting older. Could be they’re getting used to me. Whatever it is, this is definitely our best shoot yet! I’ve been taking pictures of this family for maybe […]

I met lovely Carol when I started to get facials at a nearby medical spa. Carol was one of the aestheticians and she gave me several wonderful facials. As we got to know each other, and I found out she hadn’t had family photos done in years (like TEN, seriously!), we decided she really needed […]

When we went up to Allison’s, I offered to do her family’s photos to thank them for letting us come and stay. I’m so glad I did because not only does her family have updated photos now, but I got to spend more time with them. 🙂 It was SO HOT and we were all, unfortunately, dripping with […]

This year, I really wanted to do our family portraits. We haven’t had them done for a couple years, so we really needed them, and I had the vision for our family shoot to be done in our young apple orchard when it bloomed. Well, my family so sweetly complied with me, and AHH, I’m […]


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