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A little while ago, I offered to help out a friend and budding photographer, Cailyn. Cece said she would model for us, and it turned out quite convenient for us as this is Cece’s senior year and she needed pictures anyway! The lighting was soft and pretty and we had a fabulous time taking pictures […]

Y’all, I am so excited to share this senior session today! Hannah and Cameron both graduated this past year and decided to get pictures done together. They’ve been together for two years! This sweet couple met in middle school, and despite going to two different high schools, they ended up together. 🙂 I think the […]

spring apple blossom flower senior pictures tulle skirt blue

It was the day of the long-awaited styled shoot. It was going to be perfect. Blue tulle skirt? Check. Flower crown? You got it. Floral bouquet? Yes ma’am. And my model, Cecelia couldn’t wait. But my heart sank to bottomless depths when I woke up that morning. Instead of bright sunny skies like I was […]

ballerina golden hour portraits

You know that friend who picks thorns out of your feet for you, is ready to catch you when you’re standing on a wobbly fence, and carries a cat out of your portraits even though she’s scared of cats? The friend who emails you just to tell you how much she appreciates you, and who […]


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