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I literally cannot believe it is time for this post already! I’m not sure if I want 2019 to be over yet. This has been the best year I’ve ever had since starting my business in 2016 and God has blessed it beyond what I thought was possible! Back when 2019 was just beginning, I […]

A little while ago, I offered to help out a friend and budding photographer, Cailyn. Cece said she would model for us, and it turned out quite convenient for us as this is Cece’s senior year and she needed pictures anyway! The lighting was soft and pretty and we had a fabulous time taking pictures […]

If you want to meet someone who is joyful, driven, an overachiever, smart, and who has a servant’s heart – it’s Sam. Some of you may remember when I did her senior pictures a couple years ago. After Sam graduated from high school – including a course in phlebotomy – she went on a nine-month-long mission […]

When Amy and I got together to do our headshot swap, of course she took some pictures of me. Which was fabulous! I needed an update, per usual. We had such a great time and I love the pictures she took of me! I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s quite talented. Enjoy a few of […]

About a month ago, I had the privilege to meet up with Amy Fullam from Wonder Love Weddings. We met for cupcakes and got to talk shop. It was lovely! I really enjoyed meeting Amy and getting to know her, finding out how she got into photography and such. Amy’s a real traveler, and has […]

Y’all, today I’m introducing to you a real #bosslady – Crystal Linville, the fabulous hairstylist and owner of the Atrium Salon here in Asheville! She’s the one who fixed a horrible bob I got when I was 4 or 5, who cut my hair when I made the decision to take off 16 inches, and who fixed a […]

When Hannah and I went to coffee for my birthday, we swapped headshots. 🙂 I love doing this! I obviously love taking Hannah’s headshots, but it’s great to get some of myself too. 🙂 It’s a win-win and we both love it! Besides, she’s an epic photographer and I love all the pictures she takes […]

Hannah is a good friend of mine, and guess what – she’s also a photographer! The funny thing is, we both became friends years ago, before either of us were interested in photography. Then, at around the same time, we both launched our businesses! Hannah invited me out to coffee for my birthday last week, and I very […]

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with BRO for the first time! Blue Ridge Orthodontics did my braces several years ago, and now my brother goes. I did a shoot for Dr. Roberts’ daughter Emma, and later last year I went and took all of BRO’s new photos! They built a new building and redid their […]


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