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I literally cannot believe it is time for this post already! I’m not sure if I want 2019 to be over yet. This has been the best year I’ve ever had since starting my business in 2016 and God has blessed it beyond what I thought was possible! Back when 2019 was just beginning, I […]

A little while ago, I offered to help out a friend and budding photographer, Cailyn. Cece said she would model for us, and it turned out quite convenient for us as this is Cece’s senior year and she needed pictures anyway! The lighting was soft and pretty and we had a fabulous time taking pictures […]

I am so excited to share these pictures at long-last! My best friend Allison, aided and abetted by my mother and her family, came down for my birthday on the eighth and surprised me! I was so excited, and of course, called up my friend Amy to see if she could come and do a […]

If you want to meet someone who is joyful, driven, an overachiever, smart, and who has a servant’s heart – it’s Sam. Some of you may remember when I did her senior pictures a couple years ago. After Sam graduated from high school – including a course in phlebotomy – she went on a nine-month-long mission […]

Y’all, I am so excited to share this senior session today! Hannah and Cameron both graduated this past year and decided to get pictures done together. They’ve been together for two years! This sweet couple met in middle school, and despite going to two different high schools, they ended up together. 🙂 I think the […]

When Amy and I got together to do our headshot swap, of course she took some pictures of me. Which was fabulous! I needed an update, per usual. We had such a great time and I love the pictures she took of me! I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s quite talented. Enjoy a few of […]

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It was the day of the long-awaited styled shoot. It was going to be perfect. Blue tulle skirt? Check. Flower crown? You got it. Floral bouquet? Yes ma’am. And my model, Cecelia couldn’t wait. But my heart sank to bottomless depths when I woke up that morning. Instead of bright sunny skies like I was […]

When Allison was here, I asked my friend Hannah if she’d come over and do a photoshoot of us, because of course every time we see each other, being such a rare occasion, we ought to have photos. Right? Well Hannah thought that was a good idea, and despite the inclement, cloudy weather, we managed […]

A couple weekends ago, my dear friend Allison came and stayed with me at my house! It was wonderful since I’ve been to her farm – so I got to be hostess and show her my farm! We stuffed our faces with food and relaxed (went to my favorite restaurant Fig in Biltmore Village) and it was lovely getting […]

When Hannah and I went to coffee for my birthday, we swapped headshots. 🙂 I love doing this! I obviously love taking Hannah’s headshots, but it’s great to get some of myself too. 🙂 It’s a win-win and we both love it! Besides, she’s an epic photographer and I love all the pictures she takes […]


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